Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy uses a renewable energy source – the sun – and provides many benefits for individuals and the community. It improves environmental quality by reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, saves money on energy costs as the price continues to drop from technological developments, and improves electric grid resilience during the peak demand and other stresses to the system

Save Money. Save The Planet. Achieve Energy Independence.

Save Money :  A Solar PV System can save you thousands of dollars over its 25-year warrantied lifetime. Stop wasting money by renting your energy from the utility company. Invest in solar energy today and turn your unused rooftop into a financial asset.

Save the Planet : The average Solar PV System will produce roughly 150,000 kWh of electricity during its lifetime. By making this simple transition, you will avoid burning 113,492 lbs. of coal for your energy usage.
Energy Independence : Solar Energy helps modernize the electricity grid throughout your community, making it even more resilient in tough times. Add a battery to your Solar PV System to create an energy independent home that will power you through unexpected power outages.

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Financing, Incentives and Tax Exemptions

Typically solar installations are paid for through loans or cash, with Federal and State incentives available.

Tax Exemption – Thanks to some helpful CO tax breaks for solar in Colorado, you won’t have to pay the government anything for your new solar panels. First, the Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Equipment means that there won’t be any sales tax on the purchase of your system. Second, the Property Tax Exemption for Residential Renewable Energy Equipment keeps you from having to pay any additional taxes on the increased value of your house.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Financing – The simplest way to get capital to go solar is through a loan, which can save you anywhere from 40% to 70% over the lifetime of your solar panels. These loans are like home improvement loans used to complete upgrades or renovations, such as finishing a basement or re-doing your kitchen. A variety of sources offer loans, including banks and solar installers.

Xcel Energy Net Metering – So you want to install solar panels to produce your own clean energy? Great, Xcel can help. When you use Net Energy Metering and produce more solar energy than you need, the extra energy is added to the grid. Any excess is held in your solar bank for you to use in future months.

GRID Alternatives Colorado – Installs rooftop, community, and multifamily solar electric systems for income qualified households and affordable housing providers throughout the state, providing families with needed savings and training Colorado workers for jobs in the growing solar industry.